We’re approaching the time of the year for giving and good spirit. And while we love both all year round, this really is the season for it. 

So we’ve decided to change the way we give back for the rest of the year so you absolutely know every time you enjoy our good spirit, you’re sharing some too. 

Introducing ‘Every Drink Gives Meals’.  

Yes, that means, every drink we sell gives meals. Every single one. We wanted to make our impact even bigger, even better and even clearer. So now you know that every time you’re sipping the good stuff, you’ve helped to provide meals for those in need. It’s as simple as that. 

Therefore we pledge to donate at least 2,500 meals this festive period. Each bottle we sell will give four meals to those in need, while a case of our cans will also give four meals. 

And why are we providing meals? Some foodbanks have already seen their usage increase fivefold as a result of the pandemic and winter is a notoriously challenging period for many, so we’ve partnered with local charities, such as The Mustard Tree, to help make a difference throughout Manchester and beyond. 

When you enjoy our drinks with loved ones or buy a special gift this Christmas, it will taste even better knowing it’s provided meals for local people. 

Let’s drink good this winter.