Five great rum serves for summer

Five great rum serves for summer

Summer is here - and that means more time outdoors and soon, much deserved time with friends and family. 

But what to drink at these long overdue get togethers? You could crack open a beer, some wine, maybe a classic G&T, or you could mix things up a little bit. After all, we’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time so let’s enjoy it in style.  

To help you out we’ve put together a list of some perfect serves for the summer months for you to enjoy while catching up with loved ones. Some are really easy to put together and a few take a bit more prep but they’re all sure to go down an absolute treat. 

The Jersey Bee 

We think you’ll like this one, we can imagine sipping one of these by the pool - or at least imagining we are sat by the pool while we drink it. Tasty, refreshing and perfect for summer.

- 25ml Honeyed Earl Grey Cordial
- 25ml Lemon Juice
- 20ml Yellow Chartreuse
- Bar Spoon Orange Marmalade
- Cidre Breton

~ Ok, so add all the ingredients into a shaker (except the cider), add some ice and give a nice big shake. 

~ Now strain into a Collins Glass filled with ice and then top the drink up with the cider and give a quick stir. 

~ Next, get yourself a lemon twist and express over the drink and then pop it in and enjoy!

The Montgomery’s Goldmine 

Ok so this one has a funny story behind it and it’s a perfect day sipper for the warmer weather. One of our favourite spots, The Jane Eyre, had this awesome cocktail called the Fools Gold and once while we were in there our friend tried to order one but weirdly called it The Montgomery’s Goldmine - which really tickled us. So we present to you our twist on The Jane Eyre’s Fools gold, The Montgomery’s Goldmine.

- 40ml Oloroso or swap out for Sherry
- 20ml Golden Aged Rum
- 15ml cinnamon syrup
- 15ml lime juice
- Ginger ale

~ First, pop all the ingredients (except the ginger ale) into a shaker along with some ice and, you guessed it, shake it all about. 

~ Once shaken, strain into a Collins glass and fill with ice. 

~ To finish, top up the glass with ginger ale and garnish with a lime wheel. 

The Spiced Rum Sprit’z

What better drink for summer than a sprit’z? But have you ever had a spiced rum sprit’z? Not until now you haven’t. This is an amazing little creation which really moves the goalposts. Here’s to a new age of Sprit’z. All hail The Spiced Rum Sprit’z!

- 35ml Plum Wine
- 15ml Manzanilla or you could use Sherry 
- 10ml Cynar or swap out for Campari 
- Fizz of choice. 

~ Get all your ingredients (except the fizz) and build in a white wine glass. 

~ Now, fill the glass with ice and top with your desired fizz. 

~ Express a lemon twist over the glass and either discard or place it in the drink - its up to you. 

~We like to use a Crémant for the fizz as the crisp, roundness of it makes it a great combo but whatever fizz you have available will work a treat. 

The Murrays’ Mill 

This is seriously good and we heard a little rumour that you may be able to order one of these from our good friends at The Jane Eyre in Manchester soon… The perfect pairing as you while away the day with friends. 

- 25ml Cocchi Americano
- 12.5ml Banane du Bresil
- 7.5ml Crème de Cacao

~ Simply add the ingredients, stir down over ice then strain into a Nick + Nora (glass).  

Now see how good it is. 

The Piña Colada

Come on it’s a classic, and our little twist on it. You can’t not like this. Apparently drinking it will immediately transport you to a beach in the Caribbean - who wouldn’t want that? You best make one and find out. 

- 35ml Coconut Cream
- 35ml pineapple juice
- 5ml cherry syrup

~ First pop all the ingredients into a shaker along with some ice and give a big shake

~ Now strain into a Collins glass, fill with ice and garnish with a cherry. Job done. 

Now go and enjoy.