We’re here for the good times. The Public Spirit all starts with friends sharing a drink. The warm liquor down your throat, the swell of pride in your belly, a good time chased with a good deed. Nobody knew they could feel this great the morning after the night before. But let’s make sure the night before is special too.


Here are some of our favourite tunes to soundtrack those good times. Life is better with music and we think our drinks are too. 


And what music you ask? 


We’re thinking something smooth with our golden, something funky with the spiced, and something exotic with some cocktails. Pour a drink, crack a can, put one of our playlists on and we’ll take care of the rest. 


Give the playlists a like on Spotify and let them soundtrack your next drink. This is our cocktail party playlist.

Parties are fun and lively. Our cocktails are too. So you can imagine what our cocktail parties will be like.

For these, we turn things up a notch - expect some disco, some house and to have a dance. 

Get some friends over and pop these on. Featuring Honey Dijon, Kerri Chandler, DJ Koze, and loads more. 

Listen here: