Refreshingly Simple Serves for the Summer

Refreshingly Simple Serves for the Summer

We’ve been blessed with some seriously hot weather and it looks as if it may be sticking around too. 

And when temperatures are this high, you need a perfectly refreshing serve to keep you cool and hydrated, but also something that’s really simple so you can easily whip it up in no time whether you’re chilling in the garden or off to a bbq. 

Here are a few of our favourites to enjoy this summer which do the trick. 


Golden Aged Rum & Tonic


If you haven’t tried this yet then you need to, it’s a game changer - and one that’s sure to go down a treat with rum and gin lovers alike. Just make it how you would your normal G&T but with our Golden Aged Rum instead of gin and serve with an orange slice. Refreshing, tasty and perfect for a summers day. 


Rum & Ginger 


This is a classic and it’s not hard to see why. Our Original Spiced Rum with ginger beer and a lime wedge, it’s a winner. And very soon you’ll also be able to enjoy our canned cocktail version too. 




Always a hugely popular cocktail for in the sun - our Golden Aged Rum works a treat in a daiquiri. Use 50ml Golden Aged Rum, 25ml Lime Juice, and 10ml sugar syrup. Shake it all with ice and strain into a cocktail glass and enjoy. 


Rum Punch 


Our other canned cocktail that is perfect for the sun. It will instantly bring the good times, wherever you are. We use both of our rums, papaya, bitters and soda to create a really unique punch. It’s a dream. 


Piña Colada


This one doesn’t really need any introduction and you can’t not like it. Use 65ml Golden Aged Rum, 35ml Coconut Cream, 35ml Pineapple Juice, and 5ml Cherry Syrup. Shake it all with ice and strain into a Collins glass with ice and a cherry. Then sit back and think of the beach.