We always want to have a positive impact on the world. That’s why giving back is at the heart of everything we do, but doing our bit goes beyond our solid commitment to feeding those in need with sales of our drinks.

Whether it’s responsibly sourcing goods, cutting down on packaging and waste, or just making little changes to become as planet friendly as possible. We’re passionate about this and we love other brands that are too.

As consumers ourselves, we’re always looking for ways we can be more conscious with what we buy and introduce more good into our shopping. So we’ve pulled together six fantastic do good brands to discover for your next shop.

Little changes to habits can make a big difference and there are some great products and brands out there to enjoy. Here are six we love:


These legends have been leading the way with their purpose in recent years.

Producing some seriously good beer they make sure 100 times the amount of every can or pint of their nectar sold is provided in clean water around the world, and to date they’ve funded over 140 projects, providing over 100 million litres of water, and empowering more than 155,000 lives.

Not only that though, they’re always looking to improve what they do and to do more good - whether it’s for their own employees or promoting diversity in the industry. Brewgooder are trailblazers.

Don’t let all that purpose distract you though from their fantastic beer. A range of beers to rival any including their New England IPA, Lager, Hazy IPA, and Tropical Pale. Not to be missed.


Karma make all your favourite household sodas using organic and fairtrade ingredients. But that’s not all. Money from each drink sold goes to the Karma foundation to help do more good in Sierra Leone.

Whether it’s their karma cola, gingerella or lemony lemonade - every one sold has helped to provide qualifications and salaries for teachers, bursaries for girls to attend school, funded budding entrepreneurs, support for farmers, to build schools and much more.

And to top it all off, the drinks themselves are more than enough reason to buy on their own. Definitely ones to pop in your basket.

And you can even do it here - add some Karma drinks to your cart when you buy a bottle of our rum. We love our Public Spirit Spiced Rum with Gingerella.


As you may know, we hate food waste. Every meal we donate comes from surplus food so, naturally, we love the work that Oddbox do. So less about us and more on them.

When walking around a market in Portugal a few years ago and seeing all sorts of fruit and veg in different shapes and sizes it struck their founders why they never saw the same here in the UK.

They did some digging and learned that up to 40% of all produce in the UK is wasted before it leaves farms. Why? Because it doesn’t look “right” or because too much was grown - despite being fresh, beautiful, and tasty.

So they did something about it and Oddbox was born and now they work directly with farmers to deliver thousands of boxes of fruit and veg each week. And if they happen to have some leftover after that? They donate it to food charities such as Fareshare to ensure nothing goes to waste.


Old Spike is the UK’s first social enterprise, speciality coffee roastery and is based in Peckham, London. While roasting some incredible coffee, Old Spike is also on a mission to help reduce homelessness in the UK through training and employment within speciality coffee.

65% of their profits generated go directly to supporting their social goals and in partnership with their sister organisation Change Please, they’ve launched a state of the art barista training academy to offer a bespoke, 8 week course offering trainees a range of support such as practical learning, mental health support and financial assistance with accommodation.

Then once they feel each trainee is ready to step into the world of employment, they help place each graduate into a London Living Wage job.

Even more, they plant a tree for every bag of coffee sold. Great coffee doing a lot of good.


If you don’t know about Tony’s yet then you really should do. Making waves in the world of chocolate, these Amsterdam based chocolatiers are on a mission to make chocolate 100% slave free.

Unfortunately things haven’t been shared equally in the chocolate industry with farmers missing out and modern slavery taking place on cocoa farms in West Africa. Grim stuff.

Tony’s are shaking the tree though and making a stand - they were set up to tackle the issue and their roadmap focuses on creating awareness, tackling it first hand with their practices, and encouraging people to create change.

And to be very honest, their chocolate is just pretty incredible and you can now pick up a bar at quite a few major supermarkets in the UK.


Supermarket shelves are lined with plastic bottles filled with 90% water and toxic chemicals. They harm your health and the planet.

Spruce produce refillable cleaning products for your home and are on a mission to make innovative, circular and regenerative products that are better for people and the planet.

Helping to reduce plastic waste, provide cleaner toxin-free air and in general make things hassle-free for you to clean your home.

And with every starter kit sold, they help to collect and remove ocean bound plastic waste equivalent to twenty-five plastic bottles. Even more, their refill packaging is earth-friendly, plastic free, and will naturally decompose into biomass which will improve soil fertility.

Great stuff all round.