The Ultimate Zero-Waste Chocolate Orange Cocktail

The Ultimate Zero-Waste Chocolate Orange Cocktail

There are many tastes synonymous with the festive season and chocolate orange is certainly one of those. Cafes feature it in their festive hot chocolates, shops are filled with a very well known brand, and now we’ve put together the ultimate cocktail to enjoy too. 

But don’t worry this isn’t an overly sweet, sickly, sugar filled cocktail you take a few sips of and rather not go on. This is an exceptionally tasty, and tasteful, grown up cocktail. 

In-keeping with the zero-waste theme to all of our cocktails - for this we use some leftover orange peel to infuse some vermouth. To make it, leave some orange peels in the vermouth overnight in the fridge and then the next day - strain to leave a delicious orangey vermouth. 

Now for the cocktail - first of all add 50ml of our Spiced Rum to a shaker or large glass. Then reach for your vermouth creation and add 25ml in there. And then you’ll need to add 4 dashes of chocolate bitters. 

Once they’re all in, add some ice and give it all a good stir. Then strain over an orange peel garnish. 

There you have the ultimate zero-waste chocolate orange cocktail. Enjoy. 


50ml The Public Spirit Spiced Rum

25ml Orange Peel infused Vermouth

4 dashes choc bitters



Put all ingredients into a glass or shaker. 

Stir and then strain into the glass over an orange peel garnish.