What is Buy 1 bottle, feed 4 people?

What is Buy 1 bottle, feed 4 people?

You’ve had the good liquor and hopefully good times too but what about the good deeds? 

Every bottle of our rum we sell helps to provide four meals for those in need - that’s amazing, and it’s all made possible by you. 

But what happens after you pick up a bottle? How does it all work? Good question.

As we’re sure you’re aware, foodbank usage has been on the rise and many people are struggling. The pandemic made things difficult and the cost of living crisis is a real challenge too. 

While we’d love to think we can solve the world’s issues with our rum, we are merely a small cog. We are a blend ourselves between dreamer and realist. 

But we absolutely believe that together we can make a positive impact. Drinking rum is supposed to be fun, we just add that extra bit of purpose too. 

Working with our great charity partners, we make sure we stick to that purpose. Whether it’s The Felix Project down south or The Mustard Tree up north - four meals for every bottle sold supports people in their networks, and every can we sell feeds someone too.

Even better, every meal comes from surplus food which would otherwise go to waste. And that’s a big issue too, tonnes of surplus food is thrown away every day - and most of it is still more than good enough to eat. So you’re doing good in more ways than one - and you’re doing it all through enjoying a great drink. That’s pretty cool, and great for people and the environment.

We’re a small, ambitious brand with a big heart. We want to make the world a better place and we think it all starts with friends enjoying a drink. 

Doing good really has never tasted so good. 

Now go and enjoy your rum.