Spiced Rum Sprit'z

 What you'll need

- 25ml Original Spiced Rum

- 35ml Plum Wine 

- 15ml Manzanilla or Sherry

- 10ml Cynar or Campari

- Fizz of choice. 


Spiced Rum in a sprit'z? Spiced Rum - in a Sprit'z? A Spiced Rum Sprit'z? You heard right and it’s a game changer - here’s how you do it. 

 How to make it

~ Get all your ingredients (except the fizz) and build in a white wine glass. 

~ Now, fill the glass with ice and top with your desired fizz. 

~ Express a lemon twist over the glass and either discard or place it in the drink - its up to you. 

~We like to use a Crémant for the fizz as the crisp, roundness of it makes it a great combo but whatever fizz you have available will work a treat.