The Montgomery's Goldmine


-40ml Oloroso
-15ml cinnamon syrup
-15ml lime juice
-Ginger ale


Ok so this one has a funny story behind it. One of our favourite spots, The Jane Eyre, had this awesome cocktail called the Fools Gold and once while we were in there our friend tried to order one but weirdly called it The Montgomery’s Goldmine - which really tickled us. So we present to you our twist on The Jane Eyre’s Fools gold, The Montgomery’s Goldmine. 

 How to make it

~ First, pop all the ingredients (except the ginger ale) into a shaker along with some ice and, you guessed it, shake it all about. 
~ Once shaken, strain into a Collins glass and fill with ice. 
~ To finish, top up the glass with ginger ale and garnish with a lime wheel.