The Murrays' Mill


- Cocchi Americano
- Banane du Bresil
- Crème de Cacao
- Coconut milk


 This is seriously good - and seriously easy too. You may also be able to find this one on the menu at our favourite The Jane Eyre in Ancoats, Manchester. And to keep the Ancoats heritage strong, we've named it after the building where The Public Spirit was born - Murrays Mills. And here's how you make it...

How to make it

~ To make 2 servings: Combine 100ml Original Spiced Rum, 50ml Cocchi Americano, 25ml Banane du Bresil and 15ml Crème de Cacao. Pour this mixture into 50ml of coconut milk and stir together. Leave to settle for 12 hours and strain the drink twice through the same coffee filter. You should be left with a clear liquid. Shelf life: 1 week.

How to serve

~ Simply stir down the drink over ice then strain into a Nick + Nora (glass).

Told you it was easy, now see how good it is.