The Oolong for you


-35ml Fortified Oolong Nectarine Wine*4
-10ml Grenadine*5
-5ml Fernet Branca Menta. 
The name says it all really, we’re a little bit in love with this one and you will be too. 

How to make it 

~ Pop all the ingredients into a shaker along with some ice and stir. 
~ Once suitably stirred, strain into a rocks glass over 1 large ice cube.

You’ll definitely fall for this one. 

*4 Oolong Nectarine Wine

Ingredients: 6 Nectarines, 1 bottle of white wine (Something crisp, fresh and citrusy. Vinho Verde works well), 150ml vodka, 150g sugar, 6 Oolong tea bags.

Method: In a large Kilner Jar, add sliced nectarines and the sugar and allow to macerate for roughly 15 minutes depending on the ripeness of the nectarines (the riper the nectarines the less time they need with the sugar). Add the vodka and the wine into the jar. Give it a good stir together then place in the fridge. Leave for 24 hours stirring the mixture every few hours. Strain the mixture through a fine mesh sieve. Take 250ml of the fortified wine and add into a container with the oolong tea bags before leaving for roughly 2 hours, check every so often that it isn’t becoming bitter. Take the tea bags out and enjoy! Shelf life: 1 week.



*5 House Grenadine

Ingredients: 1 litre pomegranate juice, 150ml pomegranate molasses, 700g sugar, large pinch of salt.

Method: Whisk together the pomegranate juice and the sugar over a medium high heat and bring to the boil. Reduce to a simmer, add the molasses and salt. Simmer on a medium heat for 20 minutes then allow to cool before bottling up. Shelf life: 2 weeks.