The Saint Perry



-15ml Falernum 
-10ml Campari 
-20ml Tropical Cordial*1
-15ml Lime Juice 
-10ml Grapefruit Juice 
-1 Egg White (optional) 


Ok so here is how you make one of our sensational Saint Perry’s. 

 How to make it

~ First put all the ingredients into a shaker. If you’re using egg white, initially shake all the ingredients without ice. 

~ Once you’ve done that now add some ice and give it a big shake once again. 

~ Now strain into a chilled Nick + Nora (glass), and express a grapefruit twist over the drink and discard. 

~ And there you go, it’s as easy as that - all ready for you to enjoy. 



 *1 Tropical Cordial

Ingredients: 500g water, 300g granulated sugar, half a pineapple, 6 passion fruits, 2 mangos, 5g citric acid, 3g malic acid.

Method: Cut the pineapple into wedges, the mangos into slices without the skin, scoop out the flesh of the passion fruits and add to a vacuum pack bag or a sandwich bag if you do not have a vacuum pack machine. Blend together the water, sugar and acids (optional) and add to the vacuum bag containing the fruit. Seal your bag and leave for 24 hours and strain through a fine mesh sieve. Bottle and enjoy! Shelf life: 1 week.