The Ultimate Zero-Waste Rum Flip Cocktail

The Ultimate Zero-Waste Rum Flip Cocktail

Flips go with Christmas like England and penalty misery. It’s inevitable, has happened for years, and a fresh outlook is often needed - so we’re throwing our hat into the ring. Put aside that penalty misery and try one of our zero waste rum & raisin flips. 

Using our silky smooth golden aged rum - we then create a leftover raisin syrup. Take those raisins that didn’t make the cut in the christmas pudding or cake and turn them into a delicious syrup.  

Whip up a simple sugar syrup - 100g to 100g of hot water - stir to dissolve. Once done, leave some raisins in the syrup overnight in the fridge and then filter it out when you’re done. *Chefs kiss* 

Now for the cocktail - pour 50ml of our Golden Aged rum into a shaker along with 25ml of your homemade raisin syrup, and a whole egg. Broken into it, obviously. 

Then cover and give it all a nice big dry shake. Once you’ve done that, add some ice into the shaker and then give a big wet shake. 

After that, double strain into your glass and lightly powder the top with some cinnamon and there you have our deliciously festive rum and raisin flip. 


50ml The Public Spirit Golden Aged Rum

25ml Leftover Raisin Syrup

Whole Egg




Put the Rum, Syrup and Egg into a shaker and then shake. 

Now add ice and shake again.

Double strain into a glass. 

Lightly powder with cinnamon.