• The Finest Spirits for the Greatest Causes

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A measure of good spirit goes a long way

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Word on the street

"I had the pleasure of testing them both on Saturday - I am a big rum drinker and can be quite fussy, but really did love them both. The toffee was a real surprise too, honestly fantastic!”

Peter Dakin, Co-Founder at Hibana

Word on the street

"I had the spiced rum with ginger beer and lime last night, it was absolutely stunning. It was super smooth, I really enjoyed it! I’m looking forward to trying the golden aged rum next"

Dawn Thompson, Facebook Review

Word on the street

"Delicious spiced rum and cocktail recipes are all winners!"

Sam Taylor, Facebook Review

Word on the street

"Lots of ripe fruit brings a delicious vibrancy among the toastier aged notes. Ripe tropical fruit, with pineapple and fried banana, alongside woody vanilla, mocha, and a smidge of pepper."

The Chaps at Master of Malt