About Us

A measure of good spirit goes a long way

Descending from ancient Greece, the humble cheers is used globally as a toast to happiness and good health. 

That's why it takes centre stage on our bottle.

Our spirits are meticulously sourced, hand-crafted and expertly blended. Perfect for celebrating life's most meaningful moments.

And as you sip the good stuff, you'll be doing good too.

Because we're proud to give a quarter of all profits to great causes supporting communities.

That’s something we can all say cheers to.

That’s The Public Spirit.

For us, it’s about a lot more than just profit.

We strive to make a real difference in the communities around us, and to the causes that need it the most.

 That’s why we make a commitment to giving back a quarter of all profits to charities that support great causes.

From providing much-needed food for the rising number of people relying on foodbanks, to supporting the crucial fight for equality and a fairer society.

These are serious and very real challenges for many today, but that’s not all.

We also recognise the existential threat posed by climate change and the need to protect our wonderful planet. 

Through responsibly sourcing our goods, and using sustainable packaging we hope to limit our environmental impact, while making a promise to become even greener.